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Internal Doors

woodstock-joinery-brochure-downloadAs with our external doors our internal doors are manufactured in exactly the same way.
We use only hardwood timber in every single application, we came to this decision in the past as softwood timber does not withstand durability and stability.
So whether it be windows, doors staircases or whichever joinery we are commissioned to manufacture it is always hardwood, Sapele, Oak, Iroko and Walnut are always the firm favorites.

Internal doors can be manufactured to whichever style, please see some of the options below.
We offer a spray paint finish or maybe you would prefer to see the beautiful grain and colour of the timber and wish for a clear varnish.

Internal Doors


A few years ago I moved into my property which was of the open plan design, with my growing and noisy family I decided on a pair of French doors to separate one room into two.
I contacted Woodstock Joinery as they had been recommended to me by my friend.
They undertook the project and from start to finish was great and so very patient with my twins Jacob and Ryan during the fitting process.
My doors look absolutely brilliant and a godsend to me as I cannot hear the constant noise of the TV
Thank you so very much Woodstock.

The Turner Family - Brookmans Park, Herts.  


French Doors

French doors are a traditional style of doors which can be either internal or external whether they divide two rooms or double doors to the rear elevation of a property they will always look beautiful.
Many of our customers have had these changed from single glazed into double glaze as they still want to retain the original style of doors with which the property was built many years before. We manufacture these in hardwood timber and can have any glazing bar configuration required this could be georgian, fully glazed or panels to the bottom. Whichever you choose you will not be disappointed, please see some of the options below.

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