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Posted by on in External Doors
Bespoke Timber Doors
Made to measure in modern and traditional door designs.
We have years of experience in our East London Joinery Factory our skilled joiners can apply your measurements and put together your personalised quote.

Our operatives have a selection of photos from previous work completed, along with a detailed survey we can go over all options.

Solid hardwood front doors, bespoke timber french doors, part double glazed, internal or bifold sliding doors are all designs we cater for, internal and external doors alike.

If you've got a unique design you want please email through your sketch and we can price accordingly, an exact price and delivery time requires a onsite survey.

Posted by on in Box Sash Windows

London Joinery Sash Windows Made to Measure

We are a bespoke Joinery Manufacturer our services include a site visit to go over your requirements, taking measurements and explain the way we work and how we can help. Our service includes double & Triple Glazed windows Casement or Box Sash Windows.

Besides Windows we can make Internal and External Doors, French and Bi fold Sliding Doors. As well as modern Glass and Timber Staircases.

Our website includes many photos of joinery examples and client testimonials.

Sash windows made with Hardwood Frames are the most energy efficient windows you can have, paired with double or triple glazing we can include special acoustic glazing technology that helps sound proof your home.

As well as our unique and special window design we can match your existing sash window design, while improving sound and insulation qualities.

 b2ap3_thumbnail_London-Sash-Windows.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Front-Door.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_New-Sash-Windows.jpg

Please contact Woodstock Joinery on Tel 0208 443 2207 or Mob 07436 800 605

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Home Renovation

Woodstock Joinery can handle your Project Management
We can take your home and refit ne windows, doors, staircase
skirting and all joinery and glazing.

If you need a home extension built we can help and advise on a project manager and architect to help you plan the renovation and expansion of your home or property.

We can help with detached, attached properties as well as apartments, planning designing and installing all the doors, windows, stairs and all glazing and joinery.

If you need a quotation to assess the financial options and delivery times we welcome you to contact us.

You can visit our factory by appointment so we can show you through other work in progress.

Do take the time to look through our joinery work, photos and case studies to learn what is possible and see the quality of our work.

Posted by on in Box Sash Windows
Learn About Sash Windows
Sash Windows are much more common in the UK than they used to be, but they are a very beneficial type of window to have. Whether you have box sash windows, timber sash windows, or anything in between, you can’t deny the benefits of these windows. “Sash” actually originated from the word “chassis”, meaning frame in French. They are extremely elegant, and the history of sash windows includes places like Hampton court palace, Chatsworth, and Kensington palace, where the sash windows first made their famous appearance in the 17th century.

The popularity of sash windows became solidified when a connection between them and royalty was forged. In today’s world, they are on many period homes with sash windows and also installed into many new ones as well. They are timeless as well as being great in the summer. Since they can be opened from both the top and bottom, they are a great way to cool your house down. Also, who actually enjoys cleaning windows? Not many people, but sash windows allow you to stay inside while you clean them because you can reach all of the window from inside of the room, making it much less of a hassle to clean them.

If you move in somewhere with sash windows and want to change them, it all depends on where you live if you can or cannot replace the sash windows already in your home. If you moved into a conservation area, there are restrictions on how much you can change your property, even the windows. In English heritage, windows and doors made up a big part of the character of a home, so you won’t be able to alter them very much which means if you want to do something like switch from timber sash window windows to UPVC sash windows and you live in a conservation area, you probably won’t be able to make the switch, its important to know that mist commonly properties increase their value with timber sash windows, and enjoy better energy saving with a timber frame.

Whether you pick box sash windows, timber casement windows, or your sash windows double glazed, or another way, you will absolutely love them. They add an air of regality to any home, whether you want to add them in or already have them. Sash windows are more than just aesthetically pleasing to those who live with them, they are easy to clean, a great way to stay cool in the summer, and will make you feel like royalty. They are a great addition to any home and will definitely help you save money on electricity in the hot months of the year, as well as insulate from the cold with timber frame and doubled glazed.

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Sound Proofing your Doors or Windows

Do you have noisy windows, first you need to know about how sound is made and travels.

To help we thought it would help to understand the sources of noise and how they add up to create a problem, if you're near a main road or airport, bus route, school, are there ambulances or police cars these add up to alot of external noise to your property. we put together this table to understand the level of noise these things can create.

Not only can noise be stressful and irritating studies have shown it can have a negative effect on health and happiness, but there's more, the continuous noise is something you can get used to, although it can be reduced drastically.

The real issue is the transitory noise that is not constant so buses, airplanes and other loud noise that passes by.
For some in high built up areas, noise can come from police and ambulances, school noise and general traffic noise.

The solution

reduces high frequency sounds by altering the wave pattern of the sound energy
This can prevent lowers certain noise frequencies providing acoustic protection of much thicker glass.

Using glass of different thicknesses in double glazed windows will help
to eliminate the occurrence of the Coincidence Dip. Critical frequencies will change depending on the thickness of the glass. Sound frequencies that escape past the first pane of glass will not be of the right frequency to go through the thicker pane of glass.
Bringing both Acoustically Laminated Glass with 2 or 3 differing thicknesses would significantly improve the sound insulation against high frequency noises.

The loudness of a sound is typically measured in Decibels (dB). Comfortable noise level for humans is around 35dB However at night this reduces to 30dB, even so we can detect sounds between 0-130dB.
A reduction of 5dB makes a noticable difference to the noise level.

A 10dB change will have the effect of halving the perceived intensity of the sound in most cases.

Our doors and windows can benefit from many acoustic sound proofing techniques

  • Draft proof
  • Perimeter Sealing
  • Acoustic Laminated Glass
  • Increase Air gap -can increase sound insulation by up to 3dB.
  • Incorporate Glass of Different Thicknesses blocks different frequency noises
  • Triple Glazing
  • Super Spacer

We offer sound proofing technology as an option on any door or window we manufacture.

If you need a bespoke quote for sound proof windows or doors please let us know.

These Staircases can be known by many styles, in any case the truth is the partnership of solid glass and natural wood will always a popular choice, its that juxta postion of modern and old, traditional and new, with newer methods of manufacture in glass and joinery making this partnership of materials one to stay.
Open Spaces, City Living and with glass balustrades they keep spaces open with light passing through, many city dwellings can be smaller and benefit from this modern staircase design.

Modern Staircases Glass Railings can be such an amazing centre piece to a home, showing off as a modern and clean decorative part of the home.
Glass Balustrades, while being a way to show clean lines and adding a modern style to your home, at the same time its not intruding on the existing decoration, allowing the design and decoration of the property to show.

Glass Stair Railings can be just part of the balustrade with wooded or metal hand railings, or as complete glass balustrades and rail, you'll see by the examples in the gallery below just some of the designs we can achieve and choices of whats possible.

Hard Wood Stairs with Glass Hand Rails and Wood Types suitable for Natural and Exposed Stair Treads there are so many choices if you need to see more examples that we have here, you can view our websites dedicated stairs section or speak to someone at our office regarding your own quote for a bespoke glass and wooden staircases.

Photo shared by on in Promoting Woodstock Joinery

We deliver our joinery in our sign written van, be it sash windows, casement windows, french doors, front doors, bifold sliding doors, we enjoy our work and look forward to delivering the best service along with a professionally made product.

Sash windows are available in many styles and and sizes and this is not a coincidence, sash windows are mostly used in city town houses helping to keep cool air flowing in the bottom of the window

while hotter air flow out the top, as cities tend to be warmer than urban areas.
The history of cities and its architectural influnce scales back many hundreds of years, not surprisingly. Even today many homes that are refurbished and built the owners and architects like to

vary their style, all this adds up to why almost every home would have unique window measurements. It doesn't stop there as most windows also need to match the architectural style of the building

and design choices. Whatever your building or design choices for your property woodstock joinery have a workshop for building bespoke joinery and box sash windows.

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Download our 2015 pdf Calendar if you would like an A3 Calendar in paper hard copy we can send them out on request, subject to availability.


Posted by on in Box Sash Windows
When you hear sash windows or even see one, you think oh that's a window that slides open from the top or the bottom and that's it, however they are far more than just one style of sash window, there are curved tops, different styles of glazing bars, as well as different types of glazing and we didn't even get to the varying size of frame, sash mechanisms and window furniture.

I would go so far as to say that no two houses are exactly the same, so many houses are built in different era's in London with different window sizes and frames. Its not surprising that windows need to be made to measure. The glass choices on their own when matched with glazing bar configurations can leave you with a dizzying level of choice to make.

Its important that a professional joinery manufacturer is chosen to make your wooden box sash windows, the timber choice is also such an important part of the craft of the sash window, it can determine the life of the window.

A sash window is not going to last if it is not installed professionally so there are no gaps to allow water ingress, as well as a professional job of the painting and finishing, making sure to keep it maintained will also be important if you want to maximise the life of the window.

Stray dog who raced 430 miles to a better home: Arthur latched on to an extreme sports team during Amazon race - and what happened next will melt the hardest heart

  • Team Peak Performance were sat down for a meal before a 20 mile trek in Ecuador when they saw a stray dog
  • Swedish group were taking part in the Adventure Racing World Championship through the Amazon rain forest 
  • Mikael Lindnord fed the animal a meatball before the team carried on - but the scruffy creature followed them
  • They tried to get rid of him, primarily for his own safety, but he refused to go so he became a fifth team member
  • The group of four decided to name him Arthur and have now adopted him and flown him back to Sweden 
  • Lindord said: 'I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend'
Read the full story click link below

Posted by on in Promoting Woodstock Joinery

Woodstock Joinery Promotional items are now up for grabs, if you want a pen, lan yard or keyring let us know. We always want to promote our business and the quality joinery we manufacture. Limited Availability.


Entrance doors are the first impression someone gets as they enter your property, they can be a very personal part of your home, showing the visitor what to expect. The Place you put your wreath at Christmas, happy birthday or celebration sign. Yes a front door is an important part of the property and needs to be chosen carefully.
The Strength and security are an important factor, as well as letter box, door furniture and the design style and finishing. An often overlooked area is the door frame, for security doors it can go beyond this with steels that lock in to the wall either side, while for most purposes you want a clean finish that enhances and compliments the existing property. You can see many examples of this along with fan windows and other glazing options shown on our doors page in our main website. While there are many timber choices we always suggest a hardwood timber not only is it more durable it has a much better resistance to warping than softwood and if treated and finished properly it can outlast most owners. We can offer a site survey and quotation offering you the right design to match your property.

 b2ap3_thumbnail_EntranceDoor4_20140916-142955_1.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_SK-Ongar-38.jpg

Conservatories, Orangeries and rooflights may just seem a name to point out the same object, there are however distinct ways to define each of these.
Conservatories are usually bigger housing a table and chairs normally, although some are often home to plants and serve as bringing the outdoors indoors.
We specialise in timber built conservatories, made to measure with your choice of timber as well as your choice of specialised glazing offering you the choice to have double glazing with special solar properties holding out more heat in the summer and holding in more heat in the winter.
Orangeries, tend to be part glazed with shutters, perhaps more for the ability to have windows at the top of a room without the light option entering the room.
Roof lights as the name suggest tend to be a glazed structure ontop of a room, most commonly a dining room or kitchen, an excellent way to offer a unique room feature, allowing extra light in during the day, you can hang ornamental lights and fans in spaces where height would not allow otherwise.




Posted by on in Box Sash Windows
When asked to make a sash window there's an important process to follow,
the selection of materials used will determine the longevity of the window,
the reliability of opening and closing sashes is as important.
maintenance is also an important part and should not be neglected, let us
not forget that the investment will be wasted if you do not take care of your
of your sash windows.

Sash windows Should be made from hardwood so the frame minmises any weather
effects that could make it warp and twist. With the correct design and materials
used you can be sure of a long lasting window that you can feel good about.
No window will ever be worth having if it does not insulate you from the weather
and noise from outside, always choose double glazing units that have argon gas
to reduce the thermal transfer of heat or cold to keep your home temperature
just right.
Once your window is made with the correct weights and pulleys you need to ensure you
have high quality catches to ensure a secure fastening of the window for security.

The final stage for any sash window is to install in the London place of residence
or business as with many properties we may be replacing all or matching an existing window
the design, and painted finish should match the style and architecture of the building
and if required the existing windows of the property.

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Our Woodstock Joinery Brochure is now available for download.

Click on the Picture to download and view in pdf format.

In this Brochure you will find information on:-

  • Sash Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Doors
  • Bi-Fold Sliding Doors
  • Staircases
  • Conservatories, Orangeries
  • Why use Woodstock


Based in Enfield, we cater for Central,
North and East London, Essex and Herts.

Take the time to see through our brochure
and view all the disciplines we have.

If you would like a complimentary Woodstock Joinery 2014 calendar with pens please email your address details and we will be happy to post one to you.  Or you can also download the calendar for print out below.  Click to Download

woodstock joinery mug and pens


Posted by on in Bespoke Joinery
Choosing the right Joinery Company is vital to the success and satisfaction of your project, whether its a small bookshelf or a complete new staircase, you'll want to know the company you choose has a good reputation, a long list of happy clients, experience in the area you want work done, and all the relevant guarantees and insurance in place.

Its always a good idea to ask for references once you've agreed the quote for the job, see previous work photos and check the insurance certificate this is your property and money after all.

Having any major joinery installed can be a stressful situation for all the family, which is why we will let you know in advance the estimated start and finish of the job, work during the agreed hours, and when finished each day we will clean up and secure any area not completed like a doorway or window, so you know your home and family are safe and you can be sure it will be a stress free experience.

Posted by on in Box Sash Windows

Not all sash windows are made the same, over the years there have been many advancements not all of them are good though, for example while energy saving and functional upvc sash windows are not the high quality craftsman ship you would expect from hand made wooden sash windows. 

The Good really should be the excellent as the quality of hard wood box sash windows being produced is really something to be quite proud of, for many homes these quality windows improve the value of the home as well as improving the energy saving with the new draught excluding properties of the window and the low E Glass that reduces the cold transmitting through the glass.

Along with the superb finish of hand made windows and the high class window furniture to bring you a window you'll be proud to have in your home.

The Bad has to be the original windows now replaced with UPVC it would be a real shame to degrade a property with these new plastic imitations of the true sash window.

The Ugly for many an original sash window could be a thing of beauty, although for too many homes still in London the neglected sash window has single glazing flaking pain and gaps that cause heat to escape, now that's an ugly situation in need of repair or replacement.

The photos attached are examples of custom hand made wooden sash windows.

So there you have it The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Sash Windows.

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Choosing the right Joinery Company is vital to the success and satisfaction of your project, whether its a small bookshelf or a complete new staircase, you'll want to know the company you choose has a good reputation, a long list of happy clients, experience in the area you want work done, and all the relevant guarantees and insurance in place.

Its always a good idea to ask for references once you've agreed the quote for the job, see previous work photos and check the insurance certificate this is your property and money after all.

Having any major joinery installed can be a stressful situation for all the family, which is why we will let you know in advance the estimated start and finish of the job, work during the agreed hours, and when finished each day we will clean up and secure any area not completed like a doorway or window, so you know your home and family are safe and you can be sure it will be a stress free experience.